Selected Writings by and about George Anastaplo

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November 2009 – November 2010

an Internet Collection Created and Maintained by Joel Rich

The items collected here are listed according to the month and year of their posting (with the years of original composition and revisions provided within double brackets).

Postings of November 2009

If You’re as Good as You Look, Why Aren’t You a University of Chicago Professor? [[2003]]

On the Filibuster-Cloture Rule in the Senate (Letter to the Editor) [[2009]]

The Second Amendment—Then and Now, Here and There [[2009]]

Yearnings for the Divine and the Natural Animation of Matter [[2007, 2008]]

Postings of December 2009

[By the United States Supreme Court:   In re George Anastaplo, 366 U.S. 82 (1961)]

Discussion of “Strauss at Midnight”–Leo Strauss and the “Neo-Cons” [[2009]]

[By Christopher A. Riddle: Review of G. Anastaplo, Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution] [[2009]]

An Autobiographical Bibliography of George Anastaplo (1947-2003) [[2005]]

Postings of January 2010


[By Larry Arnhart: Anastaplo on Physics and Religion] [[2007]]

Reminiscences of Greece during a Christmas Season [[2009]]

Postings of February 2010


Shakespeare and the Law [[2001]]

On the Citizens United Case (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

On the Human Soul and Eternity [[2010]]

Who Were the Greeks and Why Do They Matter? [[2008]]

[By Stephen Vanderslice: Introduction of George Anastaplo] [[2008]]

[By Albert W. Alschuler: On George Anastaplo] [[2003]]

[By Roger K. Newman: George Anastaplo entry. Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law] [[2009]]

How May One Understand What One Is and Does? [[2010]]

Postings of March 2010


[By Eva Brann: George Anastaplo on Abraham Lincoln] [[2001]]

On Reading the Bible Again [[2010]]

Postings of June 2010


On General McChrystal (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

On Israel and the Gaza Flotilla (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

Machiavelli, a Latter-Day Gnostic [[2010]]

Machiavelli on the Use and Abuse of “Property” [[2010]]

The Inevitable Mysteries of Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus [[2010]]

What Should We Be Afraid Of? [[2010]]

[By Joel Rich: George Anastaplo: An Appreciation] [[2005]]

Postings of July 2010

On the Closing Arguments in the Blagojevich Trial (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

Simply Unbelievable: Conversations with a Holocaust Survivor [[2000-2008]]

The Holocaust and the Divine Ordering of Human Things [[2007]]

Conversation of March 23, 2000: Life, Death, and the Sytematic Perversion of Law

Conversation of March 30, 2000: European Jews, Their “Christian” Neighbors, and the Holocaust

  1. Conversation of May 4, 2000: A Return to Deadly Slavery in Twentieth Century Europe

[By Joel Nash: Simcha Brudno Obituary, 2006] [[2006]]

On Truly Knowing What One Is Trying to Do: The Mystery of Evil             [[2008]]

A Timely Recapitulation, With Some Help From Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle [[2007]]

To Become or Not to Become: On Spiritual and Political Evolution [[2010]]

On Travels Outward and Inward [[2010]]

The Challenge of the “Occasion”: On How One May “Work” [[2010]]

Golgotha on the Potomac:   On the Seeming End of the Career of Abraham Lincoln [[2010]]

Character and Republican Government:   Some Polemical Suggestions [[2010]]

On the United States Supreme Court and the Federal Communications Commission (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

On Leo Strauss: A Yahrzeit Remembrance [[1974, 1983]]

Note 285: Introduction of Harry V. Jaffa [[1980]]

Note 288: Science, Repression, and Morality (Clarence Darrow Memorial) [[1981]]

If You’re as Good as You Look, Why Aren’t You a University of Chicago Professor? [[2003]]

A Report on Collective Explorations during the 2009-2010 Academic Year [[2010]]

Reminiscences of Greece During a Christmas Season [[2009]]

Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago [[1999]]

What Indeed Is One’s Own? On Seeming and Being [[2010]]

Harry Victor Jaffa, Leo Strauss’s Bulldog [[2007?]]

On the “Epistle of Jude” and the Jewishness of Christianity [[2010]]

What the United States Can Learn from China and Greece [[2009]]

Postings of August 2010

Does Anything Really Happen in Greek Tragedy? [[2005]]

On the Blagojevich Prosecution and the Afghanistan Operation (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

Willmoore Kendall and Leo Strauss [[2002]]

  1. Willmoore Kendall, Rhetorician of Virtue [[1997]]
  2. Willmoore Kendall and the Constitution [[1990]]
  3. The Fundamental Alternatives for Leo Strauss [[1984]]

[By Harry Kalven, Jr.: George Anastaplo’s Bar Admission Case] [[1988]]

A Little Touch of Harry [Kalven] [[1975]]

In re Allan Bloom: A Respectful Dissent [[1988, 1989]]. See, also,

Postings of September 2010


A Timely Recapitulation, With Some Help from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle             [[1975]]

The American Scholar Revisited [[2010]]

  1. The Challenge of “The Occasion”: On How One May “Work” [[2010]]
  2. What Can It Mean to be “A Community of Scholars” [[2010]]
  3. Publish and Perish [[2010]]

On a Newsweek Columnist’s Attack on the President (Letter to the Editor) [[2010]]

Postings of October 2010

Citizen and Human Being: Thoreau, Socrates, and Civil Disobedience [[1969, 1975]]

[By Milner S. Ball: Review of G. Anastaplo, Reflections on Constitutional Law [[2007, 2010]]

On the Ultron and the Foundations of Things [[1974, 1983]]

[By Jules Gleicher: Review of G. Anastaplo, Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution [[2010]]

[By Herman Belz: Review of G. Anastaplo, The Amendments to the Constitution: A Commentary] [[1996]]

Suggestions about Sophocles and the Family of Oedipus [[1971, 2005]]

On Helen Vlachou and “Liberty of the Press” [[1971, 2005]]

Human Being and Citizen: A Beginning to the Study of Plato’s Apology of Socrates [[1964, 1975]]

Postings of November 2010


A Donation in Honor of George Anastaplo [[2010]]

Further Thoughts on Macbeth and Heidegger [[2010]]

Was the Constitution of 1787 Pro-slavery? [[2010]]

[By C. Herman Pritchett: Review of G. Anastaplo, The Constitutionalist: Notes on the First Amendment] [[1972]]

[By John A. Murley: In re George Anastaplo] [[1999]]

Character and the Constitutional Heritage of the English-Speaking Peoples [[2010]]

Anticipated Postings (December 2010, January 2011)


On “The Cave” in Plato’s Republic and Other Matters [[1971, 2005]]

Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) [[1983, 2010]]

Zeus and the Theban Tragedies [[2001]]

[By William A. Welton: Review of the Anastaplo-Berns Meno] [[2005]]

Thoughts at 80 [[2005]]

[By Martin E. Marty: Foreword for G. Anastaplo, The Christian Heritage]             [[2010]]

Eighty-five and Counting:  On the Enduringly Human [[2010]]

Human Nature, the Ever-Curious (and yet Ephemeral) News of the Day, along             with Glimpses of Eternity [[2010]]

[By Thomas L. Krannawitter, John A. Murley, and Others: American             Constitutionalism and the Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln] [[1995, 1999,             2008, 2010]]

Petition for Rehearing, The United States Supreme Court [[1961]]

[By Leo Strauss:  A Letter to George Anastaplo] [[1961]]

[By the Editors of Anastaplo, Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution:               About the Author] [[2009]]

A Ubangi (with his Monkey) Visits Henry Rago’s Class, The University of             Chicago, Spring 1948 [[2005]]

George Tenet’s Untimely Exposure of Vice-President Cheney (Letter to the             Editor) [[2007]]

On Character and Understanding in Plato’s Meno [[2009]]

A Record of a Taxi-cab Ride with Justice Joseph E. Daily, The Supreme Court of Illinois, November 1, 1955 [[1971, 2005]]

An Academic Autobiography, By Way of Saint Thomas and Saint Ignatius [[2004]]

On Beginnings [[1998, 2002]]

Dedications for George Anastaplo’s Books [[1971-2010]]

Do All Somehow Aim at the Good? [[2005]]

George Anastaplo’s Scholarship:   Roster of Published Books (1971-2010); also, Book-length Manuscripts Available from George Anastaplo (January 2011)

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