Memo from Charles Murdock

Lotala University Chicago School of Law


From:     Charles Murdock *

To:         All Law Faculty; All Law Library; All Law Staff

Subject: George Anastaplo

I recently had dinner with a retired doctor who was telling me how great retirement was. Part of it was that he was volunteering one day a week in a clinic, but his eyes lit up when he talked about the courses he had taken at the University of Chicago Continuing Education Program.

I asked him if he knew George Anastaplo, and he said that George was a legend, both among the students and faculty. It’s nice to know how highly regarded one of our colleagues is.

* Professor Murdock was Dean of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law when  George Anastaplo joined its faculty  in 1981. The last message to Professor Anastaplo from Laurence Berns (who died on March 3, 2011) was in response to this February 2011 Murdock memorandum, with Professor Berns commenting that it was “nice to see some natural justice operating in our world.”

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