Leo Paul S. de Alvarez

November 13, 2011

I am of course pleased and honored to have been invited to give the Annual Anastaplo Lecture in the Works of the Mind Series, especially on this occasion of honoring him for his 55 years of teaching in the Basic Program of Liberal Education.  I have described George as the master of the unexpected question, one that throws a new light on whatever work is being discussed.  But you all know well that remarkable gift of his for opening our eyes to things we did not notice.  To read with him is to experience what reading should mean.  My wife and I have been fortunate in that for some 20 years we were able to continue our education by reading together with George.


These remarks were made at the Chicago Cultural Center on November 13, 2011 by Dr. de Alvarez as introduction to his lecture “Plutarch’s Lives: On the Decline, Fall, and Attempted Restoration of Republics.” This was the annual Anastaplo Lecture of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults, The University of Chicago.


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