George Anastaplo, Reader and Thinker in His Eighty-Seventh Year

Midwest Political Science Association Panel,

Chicago, Illinois, Saturday, April 11, 2002,

2:40-4:20 P.M. (§1-108)


Michael P. Zuckert, Chair

William T. Braithwaite, George Anastaplo, The Constitutionalist

Charles E. Butterworth, George Anastaplo on the Koran

Christopher A. Colmo, George Anastaplo’s Appeal to Nature

J. Harvey Lomax, George Anastaplo’s Book on the Bible

George Anastaplo, Last Word


[George Anastaplo is Lecturer in the Liberal Arts, The University of Chicago; Professor of Law, Loyola University of Chicago; and Professor Emeritus of Political Science and of Philosophy, Dominican University.]


[These five papers should eventually be posted on the internet site.]

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