George Anastaplo Visits New York City (March 2012)

Three excerpts from the Program for the March 2011 JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE LITERATURE AND LAW CONFERENCE. (There are two dozen panels scheduled for this Conference in New York City)

Third Biennial Literature and Law Conference

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Thursday March 29th and Friday March 30th 2012

Conference Program (draft 2/22/12)


THURSDAY March 29th:

 7:00 p.m. Gerald W. Lynch Theater (tentative location)

Professor Sen Introduced by Professor Kotaro Suzumura, Professor of Public

Economics and Public Philosophy, Waseda University (Japan)

Keynote Address by Amartya Sen, the Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and

Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University

(Professor Sen is a Nobel Laureate in Economics)


Friday March 30th:

 1:00-2:00 FEATURED SPEAKER (Room ___)

 George Anastaplo, Loyola University of Chicago School of Law

 “Justice and Community, Ancient and Modern”


Panel 3.3 (Room ___)

Title: George Anastaplo in Theory and Practice [tentative title]

Panel Chair: Simon Fortin, CUNY Graduate Center

•     Roger Newman, Columbia University, Author of Hugo Black: A Biography and editor of The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, “We must not be afraid to be free: Justice Hugo Black and George Anastaplo”
•     John Van Doren, Independent Scholar, “George Anastaplo and the idea of justice-observations of an old friend” [tentative title]
•     Judge Jed Rakoff, U.S. District Court (S.D.N.Y), “In Re Anastaplo revisited—a half-century later” [tentative title]

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