By George Anastaplo:

It should be obvious that I need considerable time not to acknowledge formally (which I can do now) the generosity of the papers we have heard parts of this afternoon but rather to prepare proper responses. It seems to me appropriate that the final version of these four papers, along with my responses, should be posted on the anastaplo.wordpress Internet website established a few years ago by the late Joel Rich and maintained now by John Metz.

I need not wait, of course, to recognize publicly those who have made this event possible. I understand that Charles Butterworth, who has drawn (in his cautionary paper about my 1989 Koran venture) on his considerable knowledge of Islamic things, instigated all this and that Michael Zuckert agreed to chair our meeting. Both were exemplary graduate students in my own time as a student at the University of Chicago. Robert L. Stone has served (as on other such occasions) to keep all of us informed about what was going on in the development of this panel and its celebratory aftermath this evening. He, along with Christopher Colmo and J. Harvey Lomax, was a member three decades ago of our most fruitful irregular seminar in political philosophy at the University. Complete Article

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