Review of Reflections on Constitutional Law by Philip A. Dynia


Reviewed by Philip A. Dynia, Department of Political Science, Loyola University New Orleans.

George Anastaplo, Professor of law at Loyola Chicago School of Law and lecturer in liberal arts at the University of Chicago, may well be the Energizer Bunny of American constitutional scholars. His academic career began in 1964, and by the 1990s his scholarly output  was sufficiently prodigious and noteworthy to be celebrated in a two-volume  festschrift (Murley, Stoner and Braithwaite 1992) and a collection of essays (building upon an APSA panel – sponsored by the Claremont Institute – devoted to Anastaplo’s contributions) in the 1997 volume of POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEWER. Many would have taken these honors as occasions to retire, or at least slow down, but that has not been the case with Anastaplo. In the past decade, he has produced, in addition to the volume under review, six other books, a seventh (REFLECTIONS ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT) forthcoming this year, several other volumes in preparation, and nearly a dozen articles to add to scores of previous ones. Complete Review

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