Henry Rago (1915-1969): “A Priest in a Thousand”

These remarks were made at the University of Chicago on May 30, 1969.  (Henry Rago had died, at age 53, on May 26, 1969.) The epigraph provided here is taken from Willa Cather’s Death Comes to the Archbishop (1927), pp. 13-14. See, for another publication of these remarks, the South Dakota Law Review, vol. 48, pp. 167-69 (1998).

George Anastaplo is a Lecturer in the Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago (since 1956); Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago; and Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Philosophy, Dominican University.  He, a veteran of the Second World War, was in Henry Rago’s Humanities 3 course in the College of the University of Chicago during the 1947-1948 academic year.  It was during that year that he mounted the legendary Visit of the Ubangi and His Monkey (Gus Matzorkis and David Halperin) to the Rago class.

An Anastaplo bibliography may be found in John A. Murley, ed., Leo Strauss and His Legacy (Lexington Books, 2005), pp. 733-855.

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