A Letter to Editors by George Anastaplo

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5 Responses to A Letter to Editors by George Anastaplo

  1. harry mark petrakis says:

    Once again George Anastaplo cofirms the dimension of his thinking in his recommendation about the clinics.Any measures taken to instill trust between the Middle Eastern adversaries is another small step toward peace. This area waiting for a spark might well be where World War 111 will begin. Harry Mark Petrakis

  2. Henry Sokolsk says:

    Why limit your idea to giving assistance at the border? Would not also make sense to provide such assistance to needy Jews and nonJews in Israel proper?

  3. John Van Doren says:

    No doubt a good idea, half generous, half prudent. It would have to take on the fear of Islamists including Palestinians in the Jewish community, even its most enlightened faction, at least in New York where I live, which shocks me. But perhaps I exaggerate.

  4. John Van Doren says:

    I say the fear of Islamists. I should also say hatred.

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