Memo from George Anastaplo to Basic Program Staff on Plato’s MENO

May 7, 2012

To: The Staff, The Basic Program of Liberal
Education for Adults, The University of Chicago

From: George Anastaplo

Permit me to renew the suggestion I made during our Staff Meeting of May 5, 2012.

Since Plato’s Meno has long been our students’ quarter-long introduction to careful reading in their tutorials, we really should provide them with a more precise translation of that dialogue than that which happens to be available in the volume currently assigned.

Such a translation is available, of course, in the modestly-priced edition of the Meno that Laurence Berns and I prepared for Focus Publishing Company. (Mr. Berns, who went on to St. John’s College, began his teaching career in the Basic Program.) Copies of our translation were distributed at our May 5th meeting.

I renew as well my offer, with respect to what I might earn upon sales of our Meno volume, to donate to an appropriate Basic Program fund whatever royalties I myself happen to be paid for all the new copies of the text sold annually to our first-year students by our Gleacher Center bookstore.

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