George Anastaplo, Distinguished Service Award

Daniel Shannon, Dean
The Graham School of General Studies
The University of Chicago

This evening we introduce a new category of recognition for instructors who have made significant contributions to the School and the University beyond their superior teaching. The new award, the Distinguished Service Award, acknowledges and recognizes both the cumulative impact of continuous service over a long period of time that has demonstrably enhanced the School’s reputation and its connection to the broader community, as well as recognizing a commitment of time and energy that has enhanced the School and its programs through extracurricular activities on behalf of the program or that brings greater awareness to or enhances the reputation of the School. The latter could be demonstrated through publications, lectures, or service on Boards and committees.

The inaugural recipient of this award, George Anastaplo, admirably displays the qualities we envision the recipient of this award possessing. In George’s case, these are brought to life, in the words of his nomination for this award, through the fifty-five years he has devoted to every aspect of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults–“working with students in the classroom, giving and attending lectures, participating in the Weekend Study Retreats, discussing curriculum changes and pedagogical approaches at staff meetings, and spending time outside the class to continue discussions with students.” Throughout his service to the Graham School he has furthered the School’s commitment to liberal education. This investment in face-to-face teaching is matched by his prolific output of writings, a “substantial portion” of which are “inspired by the Basic Program,” including THE ARTIST AS THINKER: FROM SHAKESPEARE TO JOYCE; THE CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS; PLATO’S MENO: TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY. These monographs, “together with an extraordinary number of articles, lectures, presentations, and published letters, articulate George’s commitment to the liberal arts curriculum that is at the heart of the Basic Program.

George, we are proud to present this award to thank you for your service to the School and your students.

The University of Chicago
November 9, 2012


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One Response to George Anastaplo, Distinguished Service Award

  1. Robert McClellan says:

    Congratulations George from a former student. Justice Ancient and Modern. 1976 UICC.

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