IN RE: George Anastaplo: Miscellaneous Comments about the Career of George Anastaplo, Three Decades after the Unexpected Beginning (in November 1950) of His Illinois Bar Admission Challenge

I.          A letter of Decenber 22, 1978, from George Anastaplo to the Chief Justice, The Supreme Court of Illinois (with a list of enclosures)

II.         A letter, of January 9, 1979, from Senator Daniel Moynihan to George Anastaplo

III.       Toni Schlesinger, “Is George Anastaplo fit to practice law?” Chicago Lawyer, February 1, 1979

IV.        Editorial, “George Anastaplo,” National Journal, February 19, 1979, p.18

V.       A letter, of February 22, 1979, from George Anastaplo to the Dean of the University of Chicago Law School (George Anastaplo is a member of the Class of 1951, The University of Chicago Law School.)

VI.        A letter, of March 9, 1979, from the Dean of the University of Chicago Law School

VII.      Editorial, “George Anastaplo Vindicated,” Focus/Midwest, March/April 1979, p.5

VIII.     Steve Neal, “McCarthy Era case: State bar admits a 30-year wrong,” Chicago Tribune, March 18, 1979, sec. 3, p. 10

IX.        A letter from “Conservative,” March 20, 1979, to George Anastaplo (the stamp on the envelope features, appropriately enough, Oliver Wendell Holmes, the author of the unfortunate Opinion of the United States Supreme Court in Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 44 [1919])

X.         Ben Gelman, “Anastaplo’s legal vindication sparks national debate,” Southern  Illinoisan, Carbondale, Illinois, March 28, 1979, p. 3

XI.        Editorial, “Courage–and a slap in the face,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 29, 1979, p. 65

XII.      Jeffrey Gilbert, “George Anastaplo reflects on his career,” Chicago Lawyer, April 2, 1979, p. 15

XIII.     Steve Neal, “Court rebuffs bar effort to correct 29-year-old ‘mistake,'” Chicago Tribune, April 15, 1979, sec. 3, p.–

XIV.     “In Flux,” The National Law Journal, April 23, 1979, p. 31

XV.       House Resolution No. 242, April 27, 1979, State of Illinois, Eighty-first General Assembly, House of Representatives

XVI.      Editorial, “Judiciary Gets Black Mark,” Austin, Texas, April 28, 1979

XVII.      “Currie Passes Bill,” Hyde Park Herald, Chicago, Illinois, May 30, 1979, p. 2

XVIII.      Editorial, “Court should recognize Anastaplo,” Chicago Sun-Times, June 6, 1979, P. 73

XIX.      Arnold B. Kanter. “Watergate and Anastaplo” (a Chicago-area legal journal? 1979?)

XX.       All this can be said to have really begun not in November 1950 but rather one night at Kwajalein with the near-death experience of our B-29 air crew (of which I was the Navigator).

See, for the legal culmination of this controversy in the courts, In re George Anastaplo, 366 U.S. (1961). See,also, George Anastaplo, “In re Justice Hugo La Fayette Black (1886-1971): My More or Less ‘Personal’ Experience of Him,” 44 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 1271 (2013) (posted on here).

To view the materials cited, click here.

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