Shakespeare’s Complete Plays–Autumn Quarter, 2013

The first quarter of a three—quarter sequence studying all of the plays of William Shakespeare in the order that they are said to have been written.

The Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults, The University of Chicago

Shakespeare’s Complete Plays

George Anastaplo         [no email]

Autumn Quarter 2013                             Mondays, 10 am-1:15 pm


The Complete Works of Shakespeare (David Bevington, editor; Longman, 7th Edition, 2013). ISBN 978-0321886514


Wk 1 [Sept 30]: Love’s Labours Lost

Wk 2 [Oct 7]; Henry VI, Pt 1; Titus Andronicus

Wk 3 [Oct 14]: The Comedy of Errors

Wk 4 [Oct 21]: Henry VI, Pt 2

Wk 5 [Oct 28]; Henry VI, Pt 3

Wk 6 [Nov 4]: The Taming of the Shrew; The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Wk 7 [Nov 11] Edward III

Wk 8 [Nov 18]; Richard III

Wk 9 [Nov 25]: King John; Romeo and Juliet

Wk 10 [Dec 2]: A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Richard II

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