Law, Literature, and Shakespeare: Explorations (reposted)

0. TOC 10. TOC 2This collection of articles was originally published in the Oklahoma City University Law Review – Volume 26 – Spring 2001 – Number 1: Law Literature and Shakespeare Pt 1 and Law Literature and Shakespeare Pt 2

To view any of the articles in the collection, click on the title below:


1.  Plutarch and Shakespeare

2.  Remembrance of Things Future: On Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

3.  Henry V and Shakespeare at Agincourt

4.  Love, Philosophy and Politics in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

5.  Triumphant Octavius in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

6.  Shakespeare’s King Lear and the Masks of Madness

7.  Is Iago Humanly Possible?

8. The Corruption of Iago by Desdemona and Othello

9. King John and the Problems of Knowing

10. Realism and the History Plays

11.  On Macbeth: The Baleful Influence of Tyranny

12.  As You Like It—and the Counterfeiting of Love

13.  The Merchant of Venice: “Who Is to Say?”

14. Shakespeare’s Alexander the Great: On “Figures in All Things”

15. Shakespeare’s Falstaff: A Socratic Survey

16. What Did Hamlet’s Father Really Want? On the Use and Abuse of Memory

17. Sonnet 94

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