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Robert Bork Revisited

George Anastaplo To the Editor, The New York Times Re “Robert Bork, Romney Standard-Bearer” (Editorial, April 27, 2012). My University of Chicago Law School classmate is attacked in your editorial for his “extreme views.” However, Mr. Bork’s criticism of the … Continue reading

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Our Character is Our Fate: The Constitutionalism of George Anastaplo

Our Character Is Our Fate: The Constitutionalism of George Anastaplo George Anastaplo, The Constitution of 1787: A Commentary (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989). Cited in the text as (I: – ). George Anastaplo, The Amendments to the Constitution: A Commentary … Continue reading

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George Anastaplo’s Constitutional Sonnets (2006-20??)

            A ten-volume series of Constitution-related Reflections can be hoped for by George Anastaplo: I.   Reflections on Constitutional Law (University Press of Kentucky, 2006) II.   Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (University Press of Kentucky, 2007) III.   Reflections on Life, … Continue reading

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