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Discussion of “Strauss at Midnight” (6/29/09)

In association with Theater Oobleck’s production of Strauss at Midnight, DCA Theater hosted a panel discussion on some topics of the play. The evening centered around comments from playwright Jeff Dorchen and University of Chicago/Loyola University Professor George Anastaplo and … Continue reading

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Christopher A. Riddle review

REFLECTIONS ON LIFE, DEATH, AND THE CONSTITUTION by George Anastaplo. Lexington: The University of Kentucky Press, 2009. 320pp. Cloth. $70.00. ISBN: 9780813125336. Paper. $26.95. ISBN: 9780813192307. Reviewed by Christopher A. Riddle, Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Canada. E-mail: pp.858-861 … Continue reading

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An Autobiographical Bibliography of George Anastaplo (1947-2003)

APPENDIX If we could first know where we are and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do and how to do it. —Abraham Lincoln (1858) A.     Public Papers                                                                                       Index Numbers 1-7 B.     Books                                                                                               Index Numbers … Continue reading

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